I am looking for musical collaborators! If you are a EDM producer, or a producer of any style, vocalist, songwriter or simply a great person with cool ideas, read on!

Who I am

I am a guy who enjoys delivering music!

More specifically, my name is Sergey, born in 1982, originally from Russia, now living in Germany (lower Saxony). I am a long-term music producer, which only briefly, however, was my dayjob. I work as a software engineer.

I speak English and Russian (and currently just a little German).

I am generally on top of the production techniques, workflow, software, mixing/mastering, though, even after all these years,there are still lots and lots of things for me to learn. I am very much willing to improve and super enjoying learning from people, books and tracks.

I do have a formal musical education (8 year musical school), play some piano, some guitar, and used to play violin. One of my far-fetching dreams is to make custom-made software tools for specific projects (that’s another story though).

By the way my long term (since 2008) favorite DAW is Reaper. Which is simply awesome!

Currently I am interested such genres as Progressive, Trance, Techno etc. but open to explore others.

My releases

Check them here: ClipsAndPatterens releases

What kind of musical collaboration do I look for

I want to release another album (3-4 tracks, marketable on BeatPort), but this time, I specifically want to make it together with someone else. I know how beneficial for the product is when more than 1 set of eyes/minds/ears are working on it. When I did it alone, I often felt like I was trapped in the zone of no ideas or reiterating what I did before, and that is exactly why I decided to see where I can find opportunities for collaborating with other musuciants.

I believe that when there is a fellow producer, with his/her own personality/ideas/methods/network/tools - it would be so much more enriching, both personally and product-wise, and fun. Not to mention a pure enjoyment of working together with another human being on something worthwhile.

Additionally, I enjoy making not only original instrument tracks, but also songs and remixes! If you are vocalist, or have a track that you think would be cool to make a remix of, why not?

Whom do I search for

If you are a fellow musician and If that stuff I wrote above clicks for you, if you are willing to consider a collaboration at some point, feel free to reach out. We can see how we feel about it, try working together and, who knows, we might produce something worth listening to. :)


Feel free to reach out: grechin.sergey(at)gmail.com

And thank you for you time!

Take care,