ClipsAndPatterns is a name of my lifelong music project. On this page I gather all of its notable releases.

Are you looking for collaboration? Feel free to drop me a line at grechin.sergey(at)!

If you are a producer, vocalist, songwriter, we can do stuff together! Starting from cross-checks of our productions to help each other detect mixing glitches, or cross-mastering of our tracks up to releasing something together.


Keep Believing Single (ClipsAndPatterns, 2023)

In Your Eyes ClipsAndPatterns Remix (OrangeNoise, 2023)

Cycles (Rebellious, 2023)

A mini-album of two progressive tracks.

Spontaneous Piano Episodes (CakeMusic, 2022)


An album consisting of seven live recorded piano improvisations.

Sounds For Developers (CakeMusic, 2019)


Noise and harmony-based ambient constructs to keep software developers focused while working.

Beatport releases 2017-…

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