Welcome to my blog

Hi, I’m Sergey Grechin, a yet another tech guy, software developer, and machine learning practitioner from Russia.

I’m also a hobbyist musician.

Find me on:

It’s me in 2020:


From time to time I have been noticing myself having “this could be cool to write about in a blog” moments, except… I didn’t have a blog.

Therefore, to fix this omission, with the help of github pages, I start my own blog for different, mostly tech-related, notes, memos and things like that.

I specifically chose github pages with static site generator (jekyll) for this blog as I want it to last for years (decades? centuries?) without too much attendance.

These two appear to be, though not completely effortless, a quite viable combination. Essentially, I can now edit and add posts right in my IDE and publish them by pushing into the specially configured github repo.

Well, for now, that’s it. The blog is running, the domain is configured, and now it’s going to be some waiting for the next “blogging” moment to arrive.

Until then, stay tuned!



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